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What is the Congress party?

Since the last five years, the BJP government, in the country, criticized the BJP’s civilization civilization in the country, RSS has promoted non-tolerance, destroying the economy of the country, forced the farmers to commit suicide. Advice to sell unemployed salesmen, ignored the rights and privileges of the soldiers, breaking the mountains of oppression, by questioning the minorities’ minorities, forgetting all the sacrifices offered to the country. The treacherous homeland was told, and it was possible to shed their religious freedom, intellectuals were impatient and humiliated, to the movie stars. Various threats were made to keep the language closed on the injustices of the people, and the atmosphere of fear, hatred, intimidation, sectarianism, and animation was developed in the entire world.

What is the Congress party?

It just happened that after these things, it was fallen in the Gujarat laboratory, so that the power was to be occupied. In this laboratory, it has been seen that instead of self-promotion and the basic needs of the people, how can the occupancy can be maintained on the basis of sectarianism, extremism and philosophy. That is why the welfare works of the masses were made to be murmured and situations were made to make people of the country suffer from fear.

The public speaking and his expression of freedom was unbelievably banned. So far, many pages of newspapers have been darkened by the stories of many subjects, comments, statements and murder stories on the oppression, exploitation and injustice of the people of the country, and the videos have shown that now their detailed statement It’s nothing but a waste of time.

In my last five years, I have written so many articles on the cruelty of murder and murder that writing my fingers in my arms. Such uncertainty, non-constitutional, illegal, and non-human conditions have never been the country that everyone in the country is disturbed. That is why it is also a matter of fact that the circumstances of the country were before the independence, the same situation is.

Excluding Fifty people, the entire population of the country was unhealthy. Everywhere, there is an atmosphere of fear, terror and emotional. Despite this, protests and demonstrations continued from the corner of the country. But since the BJP government has got the majority of the majority in Parliament. Due to this, the general elections of the coming 2019 are awakened by the unfortunate that in this election, the country will benefit from the enemy’s outgoing government.

For this, all the secular regional political parties of the country should also stand up with the public. As well as all the regional political parties, the nation’s people were full of expectations on the Congress as being a national political party, that all secular political parties headed by this party came to a platform by corruption, festivals, sects Veterans, the government to increase the impartiality will end the fortress.

There is no doubt that in the last few years, in major centers like Delhi, Patna, and Kolkata, secular ideology and political parties including the current government, including the Congress party, were organized at the same time. People were convinced to see that all secular parties have come almost a platform and this alliance would certainly succeed in saving the sectarian government.

The Congress Party, however, was playing a significant role in the alliance and alliance of all political parties till then. It was then that the people of the three states disowned the BJP government and handed over the Anan government to the Congress. From here the door opens the door for Congress’s delight and Congress’s weak al-Qaeda and politically unbelievable leaders have begun to showcase and showcase the country’s secular political parties and dreaming of the only country. Before that secular political parties come to a single platform, at that time, Sonia Gandhi’s repeatedly repeated Maya Vita and Mamata Banerjee to draw close and laugh.

Rahul Gandhi’s Akhashesh Yadav, Arvind Kejriwal etc., in a secret manner, was able to keep the hearts and hearts of the people in the secret manner, that this time the alliance of secular parties would definitely succeed in exposing the BJP’s anti-government government. .But a few days later, the Congress party, which won the success of three states in the five states, made a false message by ignoring Akhilesh Yadav and Maya Vaiti’s successful successors in two states.

The reason for which Kantouri was borne by birth and expressed his displeasure to both of them. No Congress has any effect on it. Even though the Congress party wanted to remove anger, the Congress could not overcome it after expressing disgratulations. After that, the buzzage increased. Despite this Khasas, all the secular political parties in the country kept the doors of unity open for the Congress.

But the Congress party continued to remain firm on its perceptions and kept observing the ground realities. For many years in Uttar Pradesh, film actor Raj Babar, who is known to spend his time in Mumbai and Delhi, made him the state of Uttar Pradesh Congress. Kochab Qadri, the founding officer in Bihar As with RJ Joshi joined the Yadav, creating a spectacular atmosphere against the BJP, the entire state was engaged in trying to strengthen the Congress in Bihar.

But suddenly, Madan Mohan got up on him like a person who was impressed. The result of which resulted in a break on the fasting of Kochab Qadri in Spring in the new spring of Congress. The day on which three assemblies came in Bengal in Bengal. On that day, I was in agreement with the consensus and I had seen that the Congressmen had a great deal of brilliance on the superb success of their party.

But there was poison next to Bengalis against Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The details of which came in the newspapers on the other day, I was very sorry to see them that on one hand, Mamata Banerjee, on the one hand, is willing to join the Congress, that Bengal Congress is such a bad act of the success of the three states. They do not even think about their friend and enemy.

The Delhi failed to fail, and the Shalea episode on the last part of the age was once again imposed on President’s Congress as the president and the Zulfiqar kept the Congress’s distance without understanding the time and conditions of the situation. It’s full strength. Even in the spring, old Congressman Sadda Singh has threatened to fight without RJD elections.

While his President is not active and active in a state of Bihar in State Bihar, then he is talking about fighting a single election on Kham Kham, it is understandable.

Now in such circumstances, the troubled people of the country’s secular and BJP government, it is not possible to think that the Congress is actually 2024 instead of 2019. He is actually thinking that because of the increasing corruption of the BJP, due to the fate of lawlessness, ignorance, barriers, corruption, exploitation and economy, such as the unhappy and upset of people from this party, people are worried. Want to come back in the shelter.

In 2019, it becomes a weak government of BJP or secular allies, it will not last for many days, and then the middle-class choice will be sure. In this way the Congress party will succeed in establishing a government with its majority. Except the Congress’s view, the statement of the Bhagasis is not passing that after 2019 the country will not be elected.

Tomorrow Parliamentarians Sakashashi Maharaj has expressed this proudness of RSS and BJP with great pride. Prior to this, Amit Shah’s statement has come to us that we will rule over the country forty years.

On one hand, the Congress party is talking about giving sacrifices to defeat the BJP in Modi and Shah’s fort in Gandhi Nagar, and the Congress does not even say that this time will decide whether the country will decide Gandhi will go on the ideology or on Gudse’s sectarianism and extremism.

Through this whole scenario, the people’s secular minds are turning into displeasure and frustration in the frustration of Congress. A statement from former MP Parliamentarians Mohammad Adib, Zulfiqar of Zia, Elias Malik and Raheer Mehmood Chaudhry, in which these intellectuals expressed concern over such behavior of the Congress, and said even so that Again the Congress decides to give the country’s mandate to the Bharatiya Janata Party, decorating it.

What is the Congress party?

People are also considering that in view of the shortcomings of the Malakand during this critical period, while ignoring the secular political parties, their contestants themselves themselves in the electoral field, to stop the sculpture of secular people. It is possible that the Congress needs to teach more than 1977 and lessons. Because there is a big, country and its length from any party and individual. If the public worn a practical dress, then the slogan of BJP’s “BJP India” is not true.

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