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The author of anti-diverse memo allegedly allegedly against Google

Google has reported that on Monday a software engineer shot out after the document, which he criticized on the efforts of the company and criticized the tech industry for biological differences between men and women. Wireless went on to dismiss the balance.

Google CEO Singer Patchi wrote employees in a memo. “It is a feature to advise a group of our colleagues to be officially used appropriately at work.” This is the opposite of our basic values ​​and our ethics. ”

Bloomberg reported first of firing of the memo’s author, who himself recognized a Guardian as a James Domor. Google refused to comment on the individual employee’s case, but tweeted a link for further commentary: “Our co-workers should not worry that every time they open their mouths to speak in Minhaj-ul-Quran They have to prove that they are not like the states but ‘moderate’, ‘low stress tolerance’ or ‘neurotut’ rather than ‘moderate’. ”

The 10-page “Manifestor” was initially initially published, but a firestorm inside the company was immediately published immediately after pressing the press press. Google achieves the purpose of aiming for the ideological echo chamber document, Google’s “diversity and integration measures” such as conscience and training to promote minority under women and lower representatives on programs, and exploitation The company defender does not like political ideas.

The author wrote, “When it comes to diversity and participation, Google’s left preliminary has created a politically correct monopoly that embarrasses its resistance to silence.”

Like the top-tech companies of Silicon Valley, Google is very male, white and asian. According to Google’s latest diversity, women are just 20% of technical skills, and only 1% of African Americans.

Google is also engaged in a legal battle with the Labor-based American Labor, which is why the company is investigated for labor discrimination. In April, a lawyer lawyer told Guardian that this analysis of the data of the data shows that “Google has a lot of violence against women, in this industry too.”

Attorney said, “At this time, the department has received a great evidence of very important discrimination against women in the most common positions in the Google HQ.”

Internal document made a hot discussion within Google and Tech Tech Industry, widely expressed anger on its content with many Google employees on Twitter and fearing it. Many writers are asked to shoot, their beliefs have created the environment of the enemies, while others have expressed concerns about sucking a employee to express non-governmental views.

The facts news website, Bretbart, covered a wide range of conflicts, focused on the “political reforms” culture in the tech-tech industry, and the role of the author of “Witch Hunt” by “Warrior of Social Justice” Paid

In his memo, the clown accepted concerns about the freedom of expression, and added: “Many tips were taken in Memo – as part of criticism on Google’s training, asks the role of ideas in workplace. , And argue that programs are adequate for women and non-safe groups. Open for everyone – are important topics.

“The author had the right to express his views on these subjects – we encourage an environment in which people can do this and it does not immediately take action against our policies to take action against anyone. It is for you. ”

The CEO told the staff that they would return from holiday before a vacation so that we should discuss how to create “more and more overall environments for everyone”.

Google is the latest company this year to promote, discrimination and harassment. In June, Akbarberto CEO and additional 20 jobs were extensively removed from the company’s sexual harassment and ending gender discrimination.

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