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Yes Gender Smoking Smoke

Smoking and smoking are denial, uncomfortable, or self-sufficient. Self-smoking has introduced drug addicts. There are many networks that have been educated in educational institutions and spreading curses. At present, most of the cigarettes and drug addictions are being done in the fallen and awaited hostel of a well-being.

After a student graduated, he took cigarettes from his bag and took a cigarette, his friend touched and said, “I am drinking simple cigarettes …” he said cigarette ” Drinking before sleeping so that I get sleepy .Sigrate and nausea are sleepy .Pam is dead, people are rather skeptical instead of fighting the situation.

According to a report, 274 people die daily in daily cigarettes, but in spite of fierce figures, this youth is spreading rapidly. According to a report from Allama Iqbal Medical College student and on-site survey, according to a survey team of 450 academics and students of 450-year-old students and educational institutions of Lahore-based areas, glasses have also been drinking glasses in cafes, including 30% of students Are there.

This sad news has been reported in the media over the past five years that Qadri’s Uday new rally has been arrested while taking two students in Chhattisgarh in Islamabad, who has revealed that most girls in the Girls Hostel are accustomed to drinking herbs and in her sales. A few new employees of a new reporter are also included.

The wise Arabab Akhtar has immediately proposed the fall of Hayat Nadri, but he is unaware that the students who are smoking or accustomed to cigarettes, who have given them What is the urine? A student says I started drinking cigarettes so that it was very good to send me smoke from the mouth, but gradually my friend made me addicted to the throat.

It says that Drakaya gets angry about getting worse situation in Arghar, which makes me feel comfortable. Mashbaah Jamal has said that in the sense, the girls in the education cigarette nine sheets Unfortunately, it is a moment for the ruler of the country, because, because of the country where women are suffering from bad habit, what will a person do to stay there? This bad habit also leads them to crime, and thus the country’s education or classic culture becomes somewhat suspicious, but it is necessary that they strictly implement the rules made in preventing cigarettes.

Cigarette is being fashioned as well as fashionable and its use is not considered bad, that is why this wave of cigarette spread has spread across the country so that the streets of the city have been taken from educational institutions. I am buying and selling of commonly-hazardous health items.
Dr. Amima Jamil, while expressing his opinion, “Fighters are now using cigarettes as a fashionable fashion, and addicted to cigarettes and glasses, they say that all walks in fashion. I think the media needs to be wasted off completely by the use of cigarette so that the younger generation can not be cured by destroying them so that they can play their role in the country.

A survey has shown that most of the girls start smoking to remove depression or depression, because the cigarette periodically reduces their discomfort, therefore gradually adds to the cigarette nose. You are going to go .Stu Dent’s Pre-medical study, which reads the latest treatment, said in a reply that we live in pre-medical pursuit of good marks and find out when the divergence turns into dipper.

When my friend told that he could drink cigarettes before reading, so that I could pay attention to reading, I also thought that my cigarette could be far away from the cigarette and I could read more well … till now I do not feel comfortable if I do not drink cigarettes. During a survey, various girls attributed cigarettes to the depression and it is justified that we are sorry for grief, but they do not know that pushing life towards death. Grief does not decrease but increase.

The truth was Launnoun or glasses of wastewater, in some cities of Canada and in Canada, but in 2000 it began to be established in Las Vegas and New York in the cities of America. Although the tradition of drinking the truth has changed since centuries It has been said that Egypt has reached Egypt since the beginning of the year, but it used to be used as a mirror in the new century.

Now Europe’s use is common in Europe, Jersey, Spain, Spain, and North America, Russia and other countries. A large majority of young students and students are looking forward to “glass houses” .Shower cafe The pain and imagination of the environment is very attractive for youth. The excavations of the girls’ study study are often found in their cafes.

It is a momentum in Kiev’s smoke and allegedly poisonous atmosphere, because Pausace says that now the glasses of house crime are being converted into the sand. A student says Rahma does not say that I use Glass. Doing it, it’s a lot of good foods, and it has become a hundredthrough trunk. I am surprised that people are demanding a ban on people, not in Pakistan but it is Saudi Arab and Gulf countries are also being used.

Glasses, opium and can also be used in these glass cafes set in the enclosed areas of Lahore. Coconut is also known to be expensive, but also consumes cigarette or glass to belong to Elite Class. If he adds to her addiction, life goes unhealthy. The most glasses of cafes in the city include MM Alam Road, which are found in every town and Gulberg.

These glass cabin owners include large fashionable models, singers and other influential personalities, which also have special numbers of women .Shrimp girls say that it is very cool to use as a mirror such as marijuana and cocaine. He says that it is a pleasure to use glass with glasses, because it does not make any smell and it does not feel like doing it with smell or smoke.

Twenty-five officers in the hideous area say that it is not a matter of restricting the use of mariners, opium and coconut in glass cafes because their owners are so effective that if their action is done, their biggest expatriates come in front of them. We are surprised and we do not have any courage to go against those ambassadors .If someone strives to show courage, he has to spend time on the post line with suspension or change.

Indian women have also stopped European countries in smoking. The overall decrease in cigarettes in India, and the number of women smoothing has increased surprisingly. According to figures, India is second in the first half of women who are smuggling women in the world.

Cigarette losses are very long but then most of the women burn incense in their own fire. The sad thing is that especially the effects of pregnant women’s cigarettes are not limited to them, but such women suffer from diseases before their children come to the world.

These women are common in birth due to cigarettes, complicated pregnancy, pregnancy, and deficiency of body defects such as cigarettes, including mothers and lungs besides smoking. Thirty types of cancer can also be caused by breathing in cigarette smoke, which increases the risk of heart attack.

According to a research, about 90% of the deaths caused by the cause of cigarettes is smoking .But the use of ovarian cigarette can also be blind and bleeding .According to Thomas Frieden, the diorrhea of ​​control and prevention of diseases in America says That cigarette is the biggest disease caused by untouched death before the United States .But it is worse than we used to think before.

We have to see the overall situation of cigarettes … Why do girls smoke, what impression they affect them cigarette hands? . Also, there is also a need for closing the head gheets that promote cigarettes. There are times rules, but they are not responsible for all of them.

What is the responsibility of parents on the other hand? Is it not a parent’s duty to take care of the child’s activities and see what is the headache of children, whereas they are not suffering from bad habits like alcohol? The child’s first childhood is at home, after college college college and Ho-Stalls are responsible for the administration to monitor the students’ education, otherwise they are teaching the drug center to get Zubin. The mental will be devoted to Goddess! !

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