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Selection 2018 PTI and independent group face!

Democracy, which is anti-dictatorship, ensures the right to protect the rights of the people and to take ideal steps for their welfare, this passion is also driven only when the right to represent the right public representation of Holicon is unfortunately Instead of embarrassment or excitement on toy toy, minority, corruption, and many many other religions, in Islam, the law is not less than the concept, but the time of necessity is not allowed to promote the society. These distresses are playing a role in resisting class deprivation and better education and better employment.

That is why today poor people are expressing their expectations on judiciary and Pak army to deliver justice while depriving of such a nominal democratic government. The general elections of 2018 are approaching the political scenario of Pakistan as well. And passing through the possibilities, because political parties are going through the process of defeat and skeleton, so discussions for set-to-set adjustments continue.

Punjab province has special significance with 141 seats of the National Assembly and 297 seats of Provincial Assembly. That is why the province has always got a special importance in domestic politics. It is also worth considering that the decision of government to govern them is also determined by the Ministry The head of the supreme person prays.

The PML-N has been getting the honor of making Punjab government twice in the last two elections, and it is the same time that he should be ruled by the power of Punjab, but this time the Tehreek-e-Insaf (Punjab) There is also a special activity for the head and the PTI leadership claims that this change will definitely come, it is now to see whether the slogans of populace and change of southern Punjab will convince the people. Here, it is important to note that PPP, NL and other political parties did not hesitate to face the tough position of Tehrik-e-Insaf, there is no doubt that PTI has played a role in the election with a full force while playing a role of strong opposition.

For the PML-N, the political atmosphere is becoming increasingly favorable, but it can not be said here that the whole situation will be filled with secularism or any other party including the PPP, as it is in the current political scene. It is clear that in the 2018 elections, no political party will be able to take a simple majority of heavy mandate.

It can also be estimated that in the 52 constituencies of the National Assembly in Punjab, 3 big parties have not made any of their candidates, the PPP’s 39 Muslim League-21, while PTI set up adjustments in 8 constituencies. So, in such a situation, it is now visible that the result of the new election results in a potentially unlikely parliament.

According to its manifesto of political parties, on the one hand, but apparently seen, the ticket distribution and other issues, on the other side of the PPP and the N League, the army of miscreants and miscreants express their zoroastrians with speed While returning from the ticket to “Jeep”, it has come to an election field in an independent state, it has become clear that in 2018 elections, along with other political parties, the PTI will now be from the independent group and now the center Not only in Punjab, it has become a smooth way to form a Senate-style government.

Some of the major political parties in Pakistan, putting all responsibility for these changed circumstances, are accusing them that they are being treated unfairly against them, even though the People’s Party and the People’s Party (PML-N) If the NL performance is reviewed, the energy crisis in the past 10 years has led the industry to ruin, causing unemployment and inflation to increase, unlike the high-rise claims of domestic economy. Being US dollar, the value of Pakistani rupees dropped horrible, Zero Due to the slowdown of the deposits of the reservoir, the foreign debt and inflation, the balance of imports and exports has risen to a huge extent.

The political role in Pakistan and the intolerance of intolerance, as well as the active role of the judiciary and the NAB can not be ignored, in such circumstances, political leaders in the scandal scandal and other projects, the courts and the NAB I have been diagnosed with the proceedings by targeting the cases.

There is no doubt that corruption in Pakistan has embedded in most of the country’s worst institutions in the way that some have rarely survived, the situation is sad that in recent years the name of politics of reconciliation The steps taken to protect each other’s corruption, the cases of alleged billions of billions of rupees have been revealed, gives us clear evidence of love for the patriotic citizens of our public representatives, emotions of heart attack Now coming to languages.

According to an estimate, annual appointment in Pakistan is 13 thousand rupees and a rupee of Rs 12 billion per day. The nature of the reaction has come and hidden from the political parties when there is space for mischief. There is no willingness to leave corruption from a minister to the slipper, every government officer is unable to wash hands in Bhati Ganga, leading leaders also call corruption as their right.

Will discrimination be made against corrupt elements to make the country free of charge? As before, even after the arrests of corrupt elements, they will be mischievous during the investigation and they will be closed forever. These questions are important in their place, but the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar This statement will bring back the wealth of corruption and robbery on the development and development of dams and other projects.

It is pointing that the immediate impact of the election is further narrow against the elements involved in mega corruption scandals. That is why politicians with corrupt dual citizenship and bureaucrats are busy trying to escape foreign countries by welcoming Aziz. If the National and provincial assemblies will fulfill their term or not, in the 5-year period of the PML-N, the political horizons will be overwhelming and frustrated. Now, while the PML- N has completed its constitutional period, the country It is a major responsibility for public representatives for democratic stability that elections should play their own role in holding the peaceful 2018.

There is a constitutional requirement organized by the general elections and now it is that in the current political situation environment, the Governing Government and the Election Commission are able to make a fair and successful election fairly successful.

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