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Free speech queue as the power of US television channel tweets removal

An American TV channel has forced Twitter to remove linked tweets from a newsletter about twitter content – free speech guests include tweets that social networks have been able to remove other people’s tweets.

Free speech queue as the power of US television channel tweets removal

Starjage, the US God in America, 100 and Knight Flooded Air, site site about the copyright and privacy news, reported that Toronto Ferry’s promotional copies of the TV show and others. The TorrentFreak story was not included in four screen shots on the content to report the pirates’ alleged source, but did not contain any links to pirates content.

But when TorrentFreak tweeted a newsletter for a newsletter, Star sent a legal demand to Twitter to remove the Tweet, which he violated the company’s copyright, because he was “non-website Images of dependent associations “and associated with the website offering information about their illegal availability.

TorrentFreak contradicted a trapped petition, it is certain that “only a flexible American goddess in our article includes the sole identification frame, which is to reveal the scarcity of watermarks, which are central in the story. It’s just 0.001% in the event, without audio, which is generally seen as fair use, especially in a news context. ”

The American Based Internet Rights Group tweeted the support by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, pointing out that “Article is from a distant” …. Media journalist Matthew Anger also tweeted this news and tweeted it ” Annoying “.

Under the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), copyright holders can file backup requests for hosted content hosted by users, to remove them individually information and their content Requires If a user believes they are mistakenly censored, they can file a counter claim, explain why the content is not infringed and the host needs to restore it. The FFF says it has done so.

“The DMCA claim may be scared, especially for those who do not know and come out of action,” the FFC said in a statement. We are calling out unrecognized traitors and will help people defend the right to talk on the Internet. “.

In a statement on Tuesday, refused to comment on Twitter, Starrass apologized for trapped places, which he once again attributed to third-party contractors. “It appears that in this case, some posts are caught in incredibly bushes that can be outside DMCA leaders.” “It was not our intention and we apologize to those who were wrongly wrong. We are in the process of evaluating all the affected posts, as well as to review the capacity and procedures for previous vehicles and with our vendors. Workers are working to restore material that was targeted properly to remove. ”

Content being removed is a common problem on social media using DCCA technology. In 2013, the proud prince Britain, who supported a Soviet Front in Britain, was forced to remove an interview by the blogging platform WordPress, finally a two-year court trial.

Free speech queue as the power of US television channel tweets removal

Even legal-proofed requests have provoked controversy. From the beginning of this month, the venerator Barrez forced Tutorial to remove the video posted by the American President, Donald Trump, who re-used the music without the permission of the Batman movie. In a statement, Warner Bros said: “Using Warner Bros’s score of driver Knight was increasingly unmanaged in the campaign video. We are working through appropriate legal channels to remove it.”

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