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Nemo protects the facts of school

A private company that provides a school with internet security content insists that despite this problem, the challenge is to face the issue of reality on challenges, despite the problem, the problem Have to face

The National Online Safety has created facts about “the facts needed to know what motives,” in which many UKs have sent children to their homes.

Nemo protects the facts of school

The guide has offered direct consultation on the Internet’s safety, but has referenced media reports about mosaic challenges, in which “figures like scary dolls send graphically violent images, and users It feels for hours of continuous taking part in dangerous challenges. ”

Children’s charities have mentioned well-warned warnings about the well-exposed risk of schools that perhaps young people had to be dramatically scared. Some copyright TV videos have started rolling out, to remove topics related to topics related to YouTube.

Schools often buy such homes due to the lack of domestic knowledge to buy, raise questions that are giving guidance and why the private sector is being left.

Teachers have said that the regulatory officer will punish schools which fail to educate children about online threats but there is no guidance in the central government, which can threaten the Internet.

“We are fighting a lost war on safety because we can not live with technical changes,” said a South London Primary Assistant Headquarter. He said his school has decided against warning parents about the challenge and it can ensure that there is no spread of fear in his students.

A company spokeswoman said that realistic fans have been released in good faith: “We started receiving calls [about mobile] from affiliate schools across the country and we were able to get the problem directly from the issue. Hearing about related issues.

“We felt due to a lack of information for parents and we had no option to respond. We did what is balanced for parents and carriers. If it’s online between parents and children It’s a good thing to talk about safety and monitoring online activities of children is being done. ”

Jolie McLulchich, director of policy of school and college leaders, said that it is understood that teachers are outside out-of-the-go: “One of the benefits of digital age is that schools easily access the sources of sources They are able to reach. Provide help lessons and information. It saves time and resources, and allows them to use external skills and advice. ”

Nemo protects the facts of school

“The opposite is that in the fast-moving environment of rolling news and social media, the information that is well-believed and well-used may seem as if it was the first. Cheats MOMO. That’s why we are being defeated by a trend that goes straight to viral. “

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