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American Tie Tanks

Economic rehabilitation is a comprehensive package of measures and important package of information, including information network, infrastructure, energy, industries, agriculture, tourism and many other sectors. Economic Radiation Plan only for the development of cooperation between China and Pakistan. It will not be a part of us, but it will play for the development and development of this region.

To accomplish this important project, a regional army, three Brigade army forces, providing NATO allocation of the project, is providing full security for the project because China’s Pakistan Economic Coordination Plan reflects the vision of Chinese president, which includes China’s leading companies and experienced investors. The cars are investing in Pakistan.

To strengthen cooperation with Pak-China relations, 15 March 2017, Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javaid Bajwa, a three-day official visit, is a fast-moving vehicle after major meetings with China’s leading political and political leadership.

Thanks for the Defense Cooperation flagship of the Chief of China’s Chief Executive Officer of Beijing Chief Minister Zheng Gossi and Voice Chairman Central Military Commission, Chief of Joint Services, Commander Pillarbirshan Army, saying that Pakistan will continue to play its role for security and stability in the region. Regarding the consolidation of Pak China Defense and Cooperation Cooperation in the Chief Chinese Military Leaders Meetings, according to the program, CP Kamnavoba is moving forward.

The Chinese leadership appreciates Pakistan’s efforts for peace and stability in the region, the Chinese leadership emphasized the strengthening of bilateral relations in the context of the security of the region and the geo-political situation. The Chinese leadership has declared the Islamic Republic of Iraq, East Turkestan Islamic Movement Potential emerging threats and al-Qaeda in Pakistan, Pakistan Taliban and AST have appreciated the attempts of the end of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

In addition to formatting Adarsh ​​Pack, along with the launch of One Belt and One Road forum in Beijing, May 13, 2017, by addressing its future economic program, President and President of other countries, including Chinese President Sha Jing, also addressed the future I called on China’s great global economic program. Turkey and Russia also joined the support of the One Belt and One-Road project.

The Chinese President clarifies that the Pure China Radiation Plan is important, and the foundation of the Belt Andon Road, which will help in the sustainable peace in the region. Turkish President Recep Tayyip said in a forum that the future of the world is related to One Belt and One Road forum. Russian President Vladimir Putin fully supported the One Belt and One Road forum, saying, “Belt and Road Forum is an important project to deal with challenges of the 21st Century and we are ready to invest.”

“The need for sustainable peace in the world is needed, climate change is a serious threat.” Antonio Grites, Secretary General of the Ombudsman, said in the address. Global leaders expressed this hope, links will be encouraged in the fields of education, tourism and culture from the forum. In partnership with heads of 92 countries in Beijing, One Belt One Road Forum, filed a seal on its success.

Now, if India’s emerging force is not seen from anyone, it is India. China wants that no one can bring Asia as a big factor in the global economy, and on the other hand, the policy of New Delhi is to speed up China’s power. The question is to stop China’s development, as a result of self-determination itself, Indian development can also be affected, which is currently the case.

India has begun to step up with a few countries in South-East Asia, to form a coalition alliance. Military exercises with Sansarpur were a link in this regard. How long is Indian leadership going to go against China and why? What are the efforts made by regional level leaders to stop China?

They are on the path to unity of China’s growing force. Organizers from the eastern and eastern Asia say that China’s stable position in global economy is a problem for many countries. They want some It is not possible that China can not be relied on China.

In order to maintain China’s growing force, many countries were based on America’s overrising, but they have been determined that they can not trust them in their problems and their internal problems.

India, Japan, Vietnam and Australia are increasingly cooperating with mutual cooperation. The foundations of partnership related to the bilateral affairs are being broader and linked, but everything is done with caution that China should take action.

No one is currently speaking about any formal alliance. The Australian Security Council’s main security forum, Shengri La Dialogue, concluding Kadadu, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turn Bull said that today we have been able to protect our interests, Can not wait. It is our responsibility to ensure our security and prosperity.

We have to understand that strengthening the burdens of collective leadership with friends and partners increases the strength. These words of the Australian Prime Minister resorted during the three-day conference and also did the transit ideology.

According to high officials and critics from the Asia-Pacific region, Trim The Orterans Pacific Partnership in relation to the management of the P-P is being held in place of the United States separation.

The United States’s separation in the region of Asia-Pacific has proved to be anxiety that the US is isolating its traditional role in the region’s security role, separating itself from its own interests. The security process will be dangerous and disturbing. Obama should not immediately resort to the fact that it has become more consistent with the Pacific region.

US Defense Secretary Jim Matses in the Singapore Forum said that Ayyid also serves as the security of Asia-Pacific region. The US will not be able to keep China’s growing military activity in the South China region.

High officials belonging to Asia and the Pacific region are worried about the problem of cartridge.
On April 6, 2017, Trump was praised by Chinese counterpart Shay Jing Ping. Many analysts suspect that any decision in the US did not succeed in achieving the desired results from China. A senior military officer from Asia says that “We have been able to increase the confidence in the highest level of matter in terms of geometries and the US Pacific Commander Harris.

The main reason for our fear is that if there is a red line in front of China, it is merely the United States that it is not seen that American leadership is taking a long-term interest in matters of affairs. “The US $ one trillion dollar agreement is for China to make different sources for the recovery. Carroll is while the trumpets are engaged in the failed efforts to exploit China’s weaknesses.

What America wants and what does not want, it does not open, matters are wrapped in curtains and mysteries. Malaysia’s minister-in-law, Hashamuddin Hussain says that till Asia, it is trying to know what is the trumpet policy for this region? We absolutely want to know what the Trump Administration is, what is its ambition? Prime Minister Nig Young Han says There is a growing partnership between the partners, however, along with he also welcomed the views of American Defense Minister James Mats.
In a press conference, Neig Young Han said that every country brings changes in policies according to its situation and it is inevitable to do so. No country likes this in a state that keeps in touch with any change in the changing circumstances.

The conversation has been issued in this regard. This five-nation defense united coalition can move ahead in the expansion of the military alliance. The parties have decided that dealing with terror and improving border boundaries, they will also cooperate with other tourists in other matters.

Hockey, a regional security analyst, wrote in a press release that these five countries have to increase their operational capabilities during the change of balance between the situation and strength of the country.

There is a great deal of mutual interest in China’s financially stable and negotiating, and on the other hand, America is struggling to keep the situation under control over the presumption of the Trip Trumpet. Most of the most vulnerable people of the region of AsiaKheel Are there He is not in a position to look at the US counterparts to ensure his security.

They estimate that American leadership will be involved in this situation. If there is any height in this situation, the best option in the world is to be imbalanced. This is the best option to plunder the military capacities of operational capabilities and provide a partnership with regional countries through the partnership.

He wants his interests to be avoided at any level at any level in the deserted region. In this regard, he has done marine exercises with Singapore. With the same he was also unable to expand the military-level relationship with Vietnam, so many Indian companies also participated in the International Marriott Defense Association organized in Singapore. Some of these Titanik companies also produce short-range missiles.

India rejected the Australian invasion of Malabar military exercises with the US and Japan because it was not currently in the mood to China. China has made a clear warning to India to keep a few boundaries and exposure to the expedition of naval exercises and weapons, that does not necessarily mean that the Indian leadership will intervene with international law enforcement agreements.

India’s Australia, Singapore and Vietnam have two-way defense treaties, including the defense sharing process in the boundaries, all the countries will come to one page, but with all the measures, the US visit to which the global government was promoted, After the army, suddenly the construction of a road in the Duklamal area of ​​Sukim, was a shameful shame in China’s chaos in a violent conflict, where there is a warning to the US, there is enough US friendship to dump a reliable tie tank.

The next India was sworn in 100 times before his mother-in-law, Amar in Afghanistan After the reign of Jinnah changes, the competition of all countries in the region is pursuing its competition, and China is pursuing new economic markets in terms of Joshua Pack, to counter its consequences. With six states liberating the Union, groundwater trade ties and reconciliation have a strong need for peaceful Afghanistan.

Becoming the emperor to become “region khanshidhar”, this false false allegations of American dictatorship and their royal involvement in the Afghan capital, where the US-led coalition government has been involved in dealing with the Taliban, as well as the acts of terrorism in Pakistan. I am running the network of our established network in Afghanistan, now after the announcement of the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan, the orders for the withdrawal of the Pentagon’s coordinated terrorist forces for the withdrawal and full withdrawal of the US Army have also prohibited India’s sleep. That’s the Afternoon In the presidential elections in nstan engaged in conspiracies to succeed the current puppet government.

However, the Taliban have not yet made a chance to participate in every election but all its members, including their parties and all America, are aware that 60% of Afghanistan’s sovereignty is governed by the Taliban, because of the Taliban’s ultimate ambition for any candidate. It is important, and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, head of Hizb-e-Islami, is trying to get the help of the Taliban. Because after submitting the nomination papers, they have declared the current system of Afghanistan as false and untrue and has done a quick change in the constitution for the change in the constitution, Of course, Afs Among them, the strongest candidate in the Presidential election, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, head of the Islamic Emirate, has been taking elections to protect any resistance from the Afghan Taliban and to protect the Taliban from any kind of American withdrawal, The potential presidents of Afghanistan will be announced because the recent unanimous measures of Arafat Ghani in which he has proposed the former NSS chief Amalullah Saleh of Northern Alliance to get the Northern Alliance chief, and the Taliban-based Taliban-led Taliban and hostility to assassinate terrorist groups. Reputation is not hidden from anyone, it is all aware that they can never get rid of the Taliban, while Dr. Abdullah bin Jamiat-e-Islami candidates and his head Burhanuddin Rabbani’s murder on the Taliban, so that too However, Abdullah Abdullah will not be able to stop the Taliban’s attack but will also try harder to impart elections, but also prepares for making Dhusis, Dhindali and Awaf Kamalol in his area, but Ahmad Khan is the most dangerous candidate for Abdullah Abdullah. Papers name The efficient return would expose the real situation.

Agar Ahmeduli participates in Masoodan Khattat. The coalition will vote for the victims, because Yunus is the vice president of legal Hanif Atmar, while the teacher of Hanaq Atmar represents Hazrat Atheem’s channel. Similarly, Ashraf Ghani nominated Amrullah Saleh, the vice president of the Ummah, which was very influential in the Northern Alliance. Security Advisor Atomic Candidates Such candidates are acceptable for the post after Jagalbhid Hikmatyar, and they have also played an important role in negotiating with the Taliban, but Hamid Karzai and his team are facing problems due to the fact that they are facing problems. Lemi has nominated presidential candidates.

Therefore, this time a counter competition is expected for which transparent elections are being prepared, but Abdullah Abdullah has ruled out Ashraf Ghani’s absence because of this Gulbuddin-e-Islami chief. Earlier Abdul Abdulla Arghandiwal was nominated for Abdullah Abdullah’s vice-president in the elections.

It is believed that negotiations between the Afghan Taliban and American forces have been successfully fixed, where the US and the Taliban have the immediate withdrawal of US troops (seven thousand) in Afghanistan and in order to set up timetable copies of Trumppantongon, In addition to the use of two-point agenda, the exchange of prisoners, presidential elections and changes in the change in the country, has been a challenge that has been showing the victory of all the world’s analysts.

The Taliban is committed that all foreign forces are involved in the withdrawal of the Afghan people, and they want safe security, but all the countries in the world are demanding that the Afghan soil is not used against anyone in the future, but the Taliban do not interact with the presidential election. Elections may influence the students, and the candidate who opens openly or openly, he will certainly be the next President of the Afghan parliament, at the time of more than 60 percent more than 60 percent of Afghanistan’s population, but the other days of the Taliban The success of the countries is also going on a successful step, and after the success of the talks, the people of different areas of urban areas are also waiting ahead of the oppressed struggle ahead of the prohibition of independent Taliban, due to which the Taliban’s role in presidential elections will play a decisive role and the Taliban The upcoming presidential election will be a single-party success. Any chance of success in the presidential election will make Yankakami a significant role.

Afghanistan as a s The President needs a person to make a US withdrawal, and on the other hand, to keep the agreement with the Taliban and to share with them, but keeping the Taliban’s manifestation in complete elections, and in the current candidates, Gulbuddin’s wisdom is a candidate whose party is a member of the Commonwealth of Islamic and Islamic.

It is also clear that daylight is clear that Gulbuddin Yayee Yakki Party, along with 20 years, signed a peace deal with the government of Afghanistan in September 2016, entered Baheedi in 2017, with a large convoy in the Afghan capital of Kabul. Specially up-to-date trucks and machine guns were on, where thousands of supporters welcomed the party with the flagship flag and greetings.

Before the agreement, the United Nations also raised restrictions on Afghan leader Gulbuddin Hakimyar and overturned them on the road restrictions, to restore their free assets. The United Nations Security Council’s ban on the ban on the UN Security Council announced its statement Leader wise wisdom is no longer applicable to the assets of property assets, travel restrictions and sale of weapons.

After this, the wisdom of peace talks has ended, now the Afghan government and peace talks in Hizb-e-Islami, Iraqi, became a way to return to Afghan politics. It is clear that Gulbuddin’s wisdom and his party have been declared al-Qaeda-linked in 2003.

After the long absence of Gulbuddin wisdom, a few days after returning to the capital city of Kabul, a great rally in Kabul’s capital city, the popularity of the Ummah, made the efforts of all the efforts of the nation. His custom was routine while requesting Gulbuddin Yehriyar to meet Kabul by his ambassador. Where the Indian ambassador Nippon, raided the friendship with full assurance, but immediately after the meeting, Hizb-i-Islami’s spokesperson gave a clear testimony about the meeting that Gulbuddin Air Force did not only regulate the ongoing struggle against Kashmir. I am proud of this, and I am very proud of this, and I am also proud of my family.

That is why the US Tie Tank in Afghanistan will now be attacked by terrorist operations in Afghanistan as well as terrorist acts in Pakistan, in the event of failure of Modi and its all-rounder before all its fierce drought. Complete preparation will be strict, intense, and effective for your counter attack.

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