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3 Good Bathroom Tips

The bathroom is the worst room according to Feng Shui texts. Because if they are essentially The bathroom is a room that creates a lot of problems in positioning or decorating. Because if located in the wrong position, the wrong way may result in Causing a contradiction, whether it is money, health, or even the relationship of residents Coming from the energy stream or bad chi that was released from the bathroom Which, if we set the bathroom in the wrong direction or right, it will cause energy waste These spread out and disturb the positive energy flows inside the house. In effect by itself.

Good Bathroom Tips

The bathroom should not be dark.

This is the basic thing that the bathroom should have. Because the bathroom is a wet room and has an unpleasant odour Is the storage or accumulation of pathogens with both fungi bacteria Therefore, the bathroom should be airy, well ventilated. With light to reach The bathroom should have a small window or box. In order to have light and ventilation in and out easily Because if the bathroom is damp, the smell will be filled with germs Can negatively affect the health of the residents ( according to scientific principles ).Therefore, the placement of the bathroom should be located in a position that is attached to the wall outside the house and has enough light. But if the bathroom cannot be set in the area Should have a fan to suck air in the bathroom Or if the bathroom is on the upper floor of the house or under the roof Can use the translucent roofing sheet to make the bathroom bright and save energy For the point that you should not set the bathroom for the house is the middle area of ​​the house or the centre in the middle. Because what follows is a matter of moisture, smell and hygiene, and also causes health problems and money jammed by feng shui. And should not set the bathroom in front of the house near the entrance to the house or directly to the house door Because the negative energy from the bathroom will extract good energy when closing the door, it is easy to say that it is like being scratched from the front of the door.

The toilet should not be placed in a position that matches the door.

Toilet bowl or toilet This must be clean. Because it is the excretory part Should choose the colour of sanitary ware with bright colours such as white, sesame, cream colour for easy cleaning But the story of feng shui often talks about the position of the toilet that should not be placed in the position that matches the door. It is easy to say that should not open the door and find the toilet bowl in front of which most of the time when building a house is often Do not prefer to place the toilet bowl in that position already. Unless the space is limited or need to be set in that position Solution is simple, it is enough to close the bathroom door. Which the advantages of closing the bathroom door besides solving the feng shui story Also has the advantage of not giving the smell or moisture ( Or negative energy ) from the bathroom to disturb other parts of the house, but many homes or some people do not like to close the bathroom door Because of the reasons from the bathroom, no suction or vent This part can be solved by bringing beautiful door hangers. Can choose a pattern that has a good meaning, or a beautiful crystal blind Or can be used as a partition or partition to cover the part of the bathroom There are many types to choose from as well. Whether it is Japanese style, Thai style, or cute style This method, in addition to helping to solve the feng shui of a toilet bowl or a toilet that cannot close the door Can also fix the feng shui of the bathroom in the wrong area, such as the bathroom at the entrance to the house Bathroom in the kitchen.

Bright and lively atmosphere

Is to say that according to Feng Shui principles The bathroom is a room with a lot of Yin energy. There is a feeling of being cold, dull, lonely or cold. To make the bathroom look the beautiful One part is to choose the colour tone to be bright to increase the power of yang, such as yellow, light brown, light pink, light blue, but if you want to have more fun, you may choose a more vibrant colour scheme. Including bathroom accessories or accessories, whether it is bright coloured tiles, beautiful patterns With beautiful flowers Animals cute cartoon fantasy down to the Glitter wink winked out of the bathroom’s eye creative imagination. Including paintwork DIY beautiful picture, little duck doll Until the towel, bath mat, we can enjoy bringing to create color in the bathroom As we want Depending on the style and preferences of each person But do not give too much, because too many items in the bathroom will cause a lot of bad energy to accumulate. Even if there is any colour that is beautiful.

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