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Liverpool received nearly 100 million baht from UCL

Predict that “Reds” Liverpool will be earning money from the UEFA Champions League 2018/19 season, grossing more than 97.5 million pounds or about 3,888 million baht. This revenue includes from UEFA and Divided from live broadcasts


UEFA will give a prize of over 1.73 billion pounds, or about 68,961 million baht, to the teams that have competed in the UEFA Champions League. Each team will give 13.2 million baht for each team. From the competition in this round, another 776,000 pounds per round, totalling 6 rounds, is 2.3 million baht

As for the team that has passed the final round Will be added again around the round of the last 16 teams to 8.2 Lop per team, 8 rounds, the final team can be another 9 years, and the semifinals can be another 10.3 final. Final finals The two finalists will receive another 12.9 baht, which after Liverpool Winning in the final game, the Reds have added another 2 points and a total of 17 wins.

It is estimated that the total income from Liverpool from UEFA is more than 66 years or approximately 2,630 million baht.

In addition, the shared revenue is broadcast live. It is estimated that Both Liverpool and Tottenham Hot Spurs, two pairs to win that match Will get an additional share of 31 Lp per team. This means that the European champions like Liverpool make money from winning a total of approximately 97.5 million or about 3,888 million baht ever.

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